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Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Vetequip Covid 19 Protocol

Prior to engineer or demonstrator visit we require the veterinary practise to advise us regarding the following questions:
 1. Is any member of staff currently suffering with Covid 19?

 2. Is any staff member currently in isolation as a suspected, or contact case for coronavirus ?

 If the answer is yes to either of the questions then we  advise a 21 day postponement of such visits.
 Our staff have been instructed to socially distance and observe the current HSE guidelines .We would very much appreciate if practise staff also comply, thus ensuring a safe working environment for all.
Should be reported to our Service centre 053 9100655.

Urgent Breakdowns can be treated at our discretion but engineer will expect that full PPE is available for him and used by staff for the duration of his visit. Nobody should encroach on him in any way during the visit.

 We endeavour to provide a safe competent and efficient service to all our customers and very much appreciate your co-operation and understanding.

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