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Monday, 10 December 2018

Veterinary Infusion Pumps

This is a piece of equipment that is truly invaluable to any veterinary practise.
Pumps are used whenever an animal is being given an I.V fluid or drug that needs to be given at a set rate over a given period of time. They can infuse as little as 0.1ml per hour or  give fluids at 2 minute intervals over a given period.They are battery and mains operated.They can easily be attached to a drip pole and provide a superb level of safety while giving i.v. fluids as animals cannot be over or under dosed.

Used to safely administer:
I.V. antibiotics
Supplemented infusions
Pumps can also be used with blood products or for specialised i.v. feeding.
Large volumes over a short period or small volumes over a long period.

The illustrated unit can be used with most common makes of giving set and  syringe e.g. Becton Dickinson,B Braun,Jelco etc.

Catheter guide sizes:
24 FG Puppies,Kittens and small cats
22F.G. Large Cats and Small Dogs
20F.G. Medium and Large Dogs
18F.G. Giant Dogs.

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