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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Caveat Emptor and the Veterinary Surgeon

Last year my sister bought a power washing system which was on special offer in her local supermarket.Initially it worked very well and her car and paving benefitted from regular washing.Unfortunately,the trigger handle  was damaged accidently and the search for spare parts began.The supermarket no longer stocked the washer and did not have any parts.The supplier to the supermarket had only stocked the item as a special promotion and referred all queries to the U.K distributor who was almost impossible to contact but admitted that no parts were available and that the unit was regarded as so cheap that replacement parts were not considered
My sister has now bought another system but this time from a local dealer and with a recognisable brand name.The dealer advised her with regard to tap adaptors and when she again accidently damaged the on/off switch he was able to immediately supply a replacement from stock and fitted it himself at no extra charge.
The cheap power washer was indeed cheap but was extremely poor value and caused more aggravation than it was worth.
Seagull Marketing
Ireland is particularily prone to this type of marketing.The definition of an expert is someone from overseas with a good suit, a briefcase and a well rehearsed storyline.There is always good literature and a recommendation from someplace that sounds prestigeous.Perhaps the place has been given the equipment on loan for a short period of time and in return have given a limited  recommendation which has been exaggerated in the literature.Seagull marketing means that the individual has flown into the country (sh..tted as often as possible) ie, made sales and then returned to wherever he came from with the money and a pocketful of warranties that can never be invoked (yes it is all in the small print).It may also be the case that machines or equipment supplied do not have a CE mark (hence the cheaper price).Bear in mind that such items may not be legally imported or distributed within the EU .Practise insurance may not be adequate if such a machine were to become "live" and give your assistant a significant electric shock .
Professional and Consumer electronics.
Professional photographers use professional cameras.These are built to a much higher specification and are generally more robust compared to the hobbyists version.Hospitals will never use television sets as medical monitors because the professional version will give better imaging quality and is more suited to the task.Veterinary practises are generally unaware of the differences between professional and consumer equipment (until caught out) and  purchasing decisions based on price alone are not logical.

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