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Monday, 20 November 2017

Veterinary Equipment Repair


It is truly satisfying when your piece of high end technology works like a dream and has woven itself into the very fabric of your practise.Nothing is as good as the crisp imaging,the accurate diagnostics ,the reassuring regular beep from  anaesthetic monitoring and your confidence in the sterility of instruments.
                                                  The welfare of patients is topmost on your list of priorities.You will advise your clients regarding vaccinations,worming,nutrition,and ensuring optimised conditions for animals in your care.You would object if an animal was continually kept in dirty,cold conditions with no regular  human observation or intervention.
                                                  Similarily machines will resent being placed outside their recommended temperature or humidity range and dust or hair will not enhance the machines working environment.
                                                   Knowing that your equipment requires constant room temperature and will react poorly to high humidity may mean a rethink when installing an x ray digitiser in the kennel area or beside the autoclave.Animal hair will always be attracted to machine vents and restricted airflow can result in overheating components.Moisture and electronics are not good partners and corroded or rusting connections will definitely cause significant problems.Power outtages are inconvenient ,but power surges are a significant threat to your computerised equipment.
                                                   Equipment will often have consumables which need to be regularily changed and preventative maintenance should be regarded in the same way as vaccinations(necessary and costly if ignored).
In medical hospitals there are teams of instrument technicians constantly monitoring the valuable equipment and doing the basic housekeeping such as changing filters,cleaning probes and sensors etc.Hospitals will always have service contracts with supply companies and this ensures that companies have adequate back up available if there is an equipment failure.
Vets are a little more exposed if something goes wrong particularily if the equipment has been bought abroad or has no local support.
The machine may have been less expensive to purchase abroad but shipping it overseas for repair,paying for travel insurance and then being at the mercy of the supplier is not a very comfortable position particularily when your clients have no alternative but to approach your opposition for service while you are frantically awaiting the return of equipment.
Our policy in Vetequip ensures that we can  supply service,support and repair facilities for all our customers for all of our products.Our engineers get product training from suppliers and continually update their skills through inhouse and 3rd party training.
Peter Ryan manages our service hub and once a call is logged on his system he will pursue a resolution with focused determination.He will schedule a service call to your practise at a time and date which minimises your equipment downtime.
We have recently launched a veterinary equipment rental scheme and this has proved immensely popular as it provides a unique and extremely welcome service for the veterinary profession.
Please contact Peter @053 9100655 (e-mail )to book a service/ arrange a repair or rent a replacement machine.
We repair:
X ray Equipment
Ultrasound Scanners
Dental Equipment
Surgery Lights 
Bull Ejaculators
Blood Analysers

We are accredited to the EPA and the Practise accreditation scheme.
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