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Monday, 16 October 2017

Veterinary Anaesthetic Monitors

Monitoring vital signs during surgery is never high on the list of priorities until problems occur.Then, the reason for surgery loses precedence until the emergency issue is resolved.Of course it would be really beneficial if advance notice was available for any impending unforeseen circumstances and unfortunately the most commonly used apnoea alert is virtually useless as it only alerts when trouble has already arrived.
It is very reassuring when you know that ECG,NIBP,Heart rate,SpO2 and respiration are continually monitored during procedures and you can concentrate fully on the job at hand.The compact 7 and compact 9 units can be upgraded for EtCO2 and IBP and all units are supplied complete with a rechargeable battery and thermal printer.

Ref Code Description Price
115700S Compact 5.1755  7 ins screen ECG,Heart Rate NIBP.SpO2,Respiration
115900S Compact 7. €2195  Above +10.4 ins screen  plus optional EtCO2 and IBP
116000S Compact 9. €2599  Above +12.1 ins touchscreen plus optional EtCO2 and IBP

Options +Replacement parts
105913 ETCO2 for Compact 71755
105918 ETCO2 for Compact 91755
115035 3 Lead Patient extension cable110
115036 Compact 5 ECG  Lead 3 cable85
115041 Compact 5 ECG Cable 5 lead135
105917 Compact 7&9 ECG 5 lead185
205264 Universal SPo2 Sensor110
107038 NIBP Cuff35
507606 Temp Probe€ 110
105041 Mobile cart390
103020 5 Roll printer paper@4 euro per roll
All units have colour screens,rechargeable battery and printer as standard.

To order yours today
Pat Kavanagh @087 2503629
John Sweeney @087 2670137
Ed Flaherty     @ 0879470463