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Sunday, 17 March 2013

Autoclaves and the Sterilization process

  • When purchasing an autoclave choice should meet needs and hopefully the following will help to choose the most suitable option:
  • What size sterilization chamber.
  • What materials .eg surgical instruments.surgical drapes.plastic specula,etc
  • Do you require a choice of sterilization cycles.
  • Are you going to sterilize both wrapped and unwrapped instruments. 
  • Bench mounted or Freestanding unit
  • Manual or automatic
  • Do you need a drying cycle.
  • Is a Vacuum system necessary.
  • Have you got a water distiller.
  • Is cycle validation a requirement.
  • Does the unit re cycle water .
  • Is it a good idea to have a water tank feed and a separate tank for "dirty water".
  • Are service and repair facilities available.
  • Instruments should be surgically clean prior to autoclaving and ultrasonic cleaning may be a safe as well as labour saving option.
  • Questions or further assistance can be directed to me at my e mail address or to view products online  please click the following link: