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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Equine Ultrasound Training

Abdominal,Thoracic&Soft Tissue Ultrasound For Equine Practitioners                

One Day Practical Course in Fethard Equine Hospital, Co Tipperary.

Date 28th January 2017

Language English

Course Tutors

Andy Durham BSc,Cert EP,DEIM,Dipl ECEIM MRCVS Prof. of Equine Internal Medicine ,Liphook Equine Hospital ,Hampshire,England

Gunther Van Loon DVM,PhD,Dipl.ECEIM,Ass.member ECVDIProf of Equine Internal Medicine,Ghent University Belgium

Edd Knowles MA ,Vet MB,MvetMed,DipECEIM MRCVSAssociate Bell Equine Veterinary Clinic England 

This 1 day practical course is suitable for veterinarians from mixed and equine practise who are keen to update and develop their knowledge&especially their practical skills on ultrasound of the following regions:
Abdomen-GI and non GI organs (percutaneously and transrectally.
Thorax,Eye,Jugular vein etc
The use of ultrasound for pleural drainage,collecting biopsy samples and when working up foals will be discussed 
The panel of internationally renowned speakers/instructors have a wealth of ultrasound scanning experience. Common diagnostic pitfalls,erroneous image interpretations,practical tips and pearls of wisdom will be openly shared with the attendees.

The 3.5 hours of practical sessions will give attendees plenty of opportunity to put theory into practise on live horses and equine specimens.Small groups(2-4 people) at each station under the supervision of specialists will ensure each person gets the maximum benefit form each workshop.
Topics covered will include the following:

  • Fast localised abdominal ultrasound in horses with colic 
  • Biopsy techniques
  • Complete abdominal Ultrasound exam
  • Thoracic and Ocular Ultrasound
Early booking discount is available up to Monday 19th December 2016

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Monday, 21 November 2016

Veterinary Endoscopy

 Providing a Veterinary Endoscopy service for your clients  has proven itself to be an incredibly useful technology in every practise.

Equine and small animal vets use endoscopic examinations as a routine diagnostic tool.
If the horse does not scope clean then it is unlikely to compete.If a foreign body is lodged in the oesophagus of a small animal then endoscopy with the help of a retrieval forceps is generally a wise option.Biopsy forceps can also be used within an endoscope and laser surgery together with laryngeal washing are common procedures in horses.
Scopes have evolved from fibreoptic to digital video and this means that significantly better quality images are achieved together with the ability to share,store and review examinations has meant that uncertainty is a word less frequently used
Vetequip Ltd have been involved in the veterinary endoscope business since 1990 and have now partnered with Optomed (France) to provide the cutting edge technology that professionals demand.Medical facilities have been very happy to use large stacking video endoscope systems comprising :

  1. Light source
  2. Water and air pump
  3. Video processor
  4. Video monitor

Veterinary surgeons are reluctant to use these systems because of :
  • Vulnerability to damage
  • Bulky size

  • Difficult to transport
  • Difficult to use and maintain.

Optomed Ltd have developed a superb endoscope range which is
A.Designed specifically for Vets

B.Compact and robust


D.Unsurpassed in image quality

E.Simple to use

Equine practitioners are impressed with the dynamic scope which monitors progress of the horse as it exercises and can detect when stress interferes with performance.
Routine equine scoping can become a very simple and informative process when using  the Optomed ruggedised tablet system.
Small animal surgeons now have access to a very flexible and invaluable piece of equipment which will have no difficulty in recouping your initial financial outlay.

Video footage of our Daily scope in action is available .Please click the following link:

Dynamic respiratory scope video please click the following:

Please contact the following if you would like to see a demonstration of any product on your own premises.

Pat Kavanagh Ph :087 2503629
John Sweeney Ph:087 2670137