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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

Vetequip Ltd

  in conjunction 


           Abbeyville Veterinary Hospital

Invite Veterinary surgeons to a
Practical Bovine Ultrasonography Training Workshop on Wednesday 23rd October 2019

Abbeyville Veterinary Hospital is a long established multi-vet mixed veterinary practice situated in Cork City. Most of the work is in the area of dairy and companion animal practice but suckler beef herds and equine work also make up a proportion of the business. Over the years Abbeyville has steadily built up  fertility work to a significant level and clients demand exacting standards but appreciate the service and advice.. Ultrasonography is at the heart of this fertility work and  is performed throughout the year. Many of the farmer clients set up fertility appointments at the start of the season and  tailored packages are customised  to their individual needs. Fertility and Ultrasonography, which is all performed on an appointment basis during regular working hours, has provided a new and valuable income stream to the Practice.

The Tutor
Fergus Smith MVB Cert DHH qualified from UCD in 1992. He has over 20 years experience in Large Animal practice. He has attended several ultrasonography courses delivered by international experts and has used the skills learnt at these workshops to help increase the level and quality of fertility work offered to the bovine clients of the Practice. He has run courses for farmer clients to demonstrate the benefits of veterinary involvement, including ultrasonography, in fertility improvement of their herds.

The course
This is a one day course aimed at vets new to the area of bovine ultrasonography and to vets who wish to refresh and improve their current ultrasonography skills. The course will consist of a morning of lectures followed by lunch and an afternoon of Practical demonstration on a host farm. Course participants will learn by scanning animals themselves with support and demonstration from the tutor and from Vetequip personnel. The course will be delivered at Abbeyville’s new purpose built veterinary hospital and the host farm is a modern, large progressive dairy farm with good facilities and quiet animals.
Course content  
  • Principles of Ultrasonography
  • Practical aspects on farm
  • Review of the Bovine Reproductive Cycle
  • Ovaries – Normal structures, pathology, appearance at different stages of the cycle
  • Uterus – Normal appearance at different stages of the cycle, pathology
  • Pregnancy – Stage of gestation, Normal embryo/foetal development, Pathology
  • Medication used in fertility – Synchronisation Programmes, Treatment of pathological presentations
  • How to develop and market a fertility service for your clients
Course Timetable
09:00 - 10:45 - Lecture x 2

10:45- 11:00 - Coffee break

11:00 - 12:45 Lecture x 2

12:45 - 14:00 - Lunch and Transfer to Host Farm

14:00 - 17:00 – Wetlab which will involve participants performing scanning procedure themselves

9.5 CVE points have been allocated for this event
Course Fee 295 euro


"Very practical Course and covered all I hoped it would"

"I can now go scanning with new confidence."

"Excellent demonstration with plenty of practical tips"

Places are strictly limited and booking is essential.

Reserve your place now by contacting 

                                       Peter Ryan 053 9100655



Monday, 27 May 2019

Buying Decisions

😕Which would you choose if you were buying the equipment is a question I am often asked.Well ,what is it you are looking for is my standard reply.
1.Are you looking for something cheap?
2.How often will you use the equipment?
3.Will you share the item with others in the practise?
4 Are you interested in this particular technology?
5.Were you happy with the equipment used in another practise.

1. The client is just looking for something cheap.
Normally this means the customer is entirely focussed on the initial purchase price whereas real value can be determined when the lifetime of the equipment is also taken into account.Buying consumer products for professional use is not generally a good option.The initial cost is low but so is the quality and reliability.It is true that quality is appreciated long after the price is forgotten.
2.Seldom used equipment will hardly justify the expenditure but it is true that favoured pieces of equipment will be used because there is satisfaction to be gained by the user and consequently used more regular.Have you ever driven a car that you really didn't like.
3. Sharing with others in a practise can be a hassle particularly if there is one who borrows, loses or abuses . Flimsy or poor quality equipment is more likely to be abused through frustration and good equipment treated better because it is favoured.
4.If you are interested in a particular aspect of veterinary such as diagnostic ultrasound or ophthalmology it is likely that better quality professional tools will be used simply because the user demands more .
5.Operating within a comfort zone and knowing the piece of equipment was adequate for the previous practise or being aware that others have also chosen a particular tool can be of help.
Herd instinct may not always be right.Just think of the Lemmings.!

One thing you can be sure about is  Heine Diagnostic equipment.Manufactured in Germany, precision engineered, robust and durable whilst retaining that ergonomic design that just feels so positive and good.
Vetequip are now the agent for Heine Veterinary products in Ireland and our prices will appeal  to all vets who appreciate excellent value and our confidence in offering a 5 year product warranty across the entire range.
Simple eye exam can reveal so much
Easily Navigate the canal 

Low frequencies without the noise
Bring illumination and magnification

 For product demonstrations and details of our special offers:
Pat @087 2503629
John @087 2670137
Ed @ 087 9470463

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Mary Farmer from Castlelands Veterinary Hospital, Skibbereen, Co Cork is the winner of our Vet Con. 2019 quiz. The  prize is a fantastic Heine Mini LED Opthalmascope worth more than 300€. Mary was one of three people who scored 100% and was then lucky enough to be the first name drawn from the hat. Congratulations to you .
Consolation to all the other participants who will be notified by e-mail regarding a 25% one -off discount for any item from the Heine Range. Check link  to see the range.

The answers to the quiz were as follows:
1. Jaundice
3. Methaemoglobinaemia
4. Conjunctivitis
5. Corneal Abrasion
6. Glaucoma
7. Diabetes
9. Entropion
10. Rat Poison
11. Opioid Poisoning
12. Feline Dysautonomia
13. Anaemia
14. Strabismus
15. Exophthalmia
16. Congestion
17. Distemper
18. Horners Syndrome
19. Prolapsed Nictitating Membrane
20. Cherry Eye
21. Keratitis Sicca

Much appreciation to Dr Peter Murphy PhD, MVB ,MRCVS,Summerhill Veterinary Hospital,Wexford for all his research.