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Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Laundry in the Veterinary environment.

Surgery coats.uniforms,overalls,scrubs,drapes and animal bedding are the most commonly washed items in most veterinary practises.The washing machine is the most heavily used equipment within the practise environment.Domestic or consumer machines are most commonly used in facilities but are inadequate for the task.
Differences between Domestic and Commercial Washing Machines.
Domestic Machines.
Inexpensive but are not built for the intensity,type and volume of veterinary work.
Short lifespan due to component failure.
Washing programmes are for domestic use and do not have a disinfection cycle
Machines can become clogged up with hair and residue building up on pumps and heaters.
Waste water in Vet practises is regarded as category 5 waste and consequently a contamination risk.

Commercial Washing machines:
Cost more than domestic machines.
Have a much longer lifespan and are significantly more reliable.
More specialised washing programmes including disinfection.
Commercial machines have a gravity dump value which means that much of the dirt and hair is dumped out of the machine reducing build up on components.
Specialist drums provide gentle but thorough cleaning action increasing the lifespan of bedding and uniforms.
Commercial machines are also more energy and water efficient.
Environmental legislation within the EU strongly encourages the Veterinary profession to use only commercial washing systems and future practise accreditation schemes are expected to adopt these recommendations.

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