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Friday, 1 March 2019

 Veterinary Ultrasound Training Wetlabs 15th&16th April 2019


                                    Vetequip Ltd


                                 Dr Emiliana Capurro

 Will present a series of wetlabs on small animal ultrasound scanning. Starting in the DSPCA campus, Mount Venus Road, Rathfarnham Dublin 16 on 15th April 2019 and proceeding to O Connor Julian Veterinary Hospital, Cashel,  Co Tipperary on April 16th.

The course will be of immense benefit to inexperienced practitioners and those who would like to enhance basic scanning techniques. The theme is very much "Hands On" and all participants can expect individual guidance in an encouraging atmosphere whilst scanning a variety of animals.

A selection of live animals and  scanning machines will be available in each location and participants can expect lively engagement with their tutor in a learning atmosphere that is enjoyable and stimulating.It is expected that  10  CPD points will be allocated per day.

The subscription is 250€ per day payable upon booking .

Emiliana Capurro DVM PhD

 Emiliana Capurro DVM PhD  or Emi, as everybody calls her, graduated in Veterinary medicine from the University of Naples in 2000.In her final year she became very interested in small animal ultrasound and worked alongside Prof Marco Russo(European diploma in diagnostic imaging)In 2001 Emi completed her basic echocardiography training with Dr Francesco Porciello in the University of Perugia.

Emi achieved her PhD in Dublin and has worked many years in UCD as part of the small animal emergency clinic, acquiring extensive experience in emergency medicine.

Emi also worked as the Senior Vet for several years in a very busy practise on the north side of Dublin, where she improved her skills in soft tissue surgery, abdominal ultrasound and echocardiography.

In 2014 Emi set up her own ultrasound scanning consultancy service and offers a referral service to companion animal practises throughout the Leinster area.

Emi is currently studying for an RVC Cert. in Cardiology.

The program for the day is:


  • Explaining Ultrasound technology,

  • Preparing the patient

  • Preparing the exam area

  • Optimising the Machine

  • Interpreting the screen

11.15-11.30 Coffee Break

11.30-1.15pm A number of animals will be available for participants to examine.

Instruction will be given concerning 

  • Correct animal position

  • Correct use of the probe

  • Study of normal echogenic pattern

1.15-2.00pm  Lunch


Participants will scan numerous animals and discuss  findings.

Instruction will be given in how to recognise:

  • Pyometra/Endometriosis

  • U.T.I.

  • F.B.

  • Pregnancy

  • Ascites

  • Acute Hepatitis/Cholangitis

Followed by Questions and Answers

Course notes will be provided and 9.5 CPD are normally allocated per day.Participants may bring  their own ultrasound machine  but a range of scanners and suitable probes  will be available for everyone.

To book your place contact:

Pat Kavanagh  Mobile :087 2503629


Peter Ryan Phone:053 9100655

Go to our equipment website.
Click the following links to find:
DSPCA on Google maps
O Connor Julian Vet Hospital on Google Maps. Please note the Veterinary hospital is located next door to Mother Hubbards restaurant in Cashel.