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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Mary Farmer from Castlelands Veterinary Hospital, Skibbereen, Co Cork is the winner of our Vet Con. 2019 quiz. The  prize is a fantastic Heine Mini LED Opthalmascope worth more than 300€. Mary was one of three people who scored 100% and was then lucky enough to be the first name drawn from the hat. Congratulations to you .
Consolation to all the other participants who will be notified by e-mail regarding a 25% one -off discount for any item from the Heine Range. Check link  to see the range.

The answers to the quiz were as follows:
1. Jaundice
3. Methaemoglobinaemia
4. Conjunctivitis
5. Corneal Abrasion
6. Glaucoma
7. Diabetes
9. Entropion
10. Rat Poison
11. Opioid Poisoning
12. Feline Dysautonomia
13. Anaemia
14. Strabismus
15. Exophthalmia
16. Congestion
17. Distemper
18. Horners Syndrome
19. Prolapsed Nictitating Membrane
20. Cherry Eye
21. Keratitis Sicca

Much appreciation to Dr Peter Murphy PhD, MVB ,MRCVS,Summerhill Veterinary Hospital,Wexford for all his research.

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