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Monday, 26 September 2011

Veterinary Dental X-rays

What are the requirements?
1. PetDent kit you get 1 (one) flexible plastic cassette and 2 (ie a pair) screens for green-sensitive film.  These are for indefinite re-use and are disinfected between uses – just a sterile wipe is adequate.
2.The film can be processed in any standard-cycle medical film processor that will accept film sized 6 x 12cm. There is no special holder required.   The cassette is placed in the animal’s mouth, withdrawn manually, and the film removed for developing in a light-tight environment in the usual way.

Not all automatic film processors are suitable but it is quite easy and straightforward to develop manually using a Nova processor or a small tray system.Temperature of the chemistry is crucial to success and should be maintained around 25 Celsius.At this temperature ,development time is approximately 3 minutes and the film should be agitated in the tray for the first 90 seconds  to prevent air bubbles sticking to the film and causing underdeveloped spots.

The Petdent kit is sold  complete with a flexible cassette containing intensifying screens and 50 individual films for just 95 €+Vat.

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