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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Help ! X-ray images are disappointing.

  1. Blame the x-ray machine.
  2. Blame the x-ray processor.
  3. Blame the equipment supplier..

Before you do any more blaming perhaps a little detective work nearer to home would be helpful.
             Problem                                      Possible Solution
  •  Is the image too light or too dark? :Under or over-exposed. Focal distance too high or low
  • Scratches on Image: Check for chemical crystals on the roller system.
  • Dark areas around edge of exposed film:.Film exposed to light prior to x-ray
  • Blank film emerges from processor: Check level of developer within processor
  • Black film emerges from processor;Over exposed or film exposed to light before inserting into cassette.

Still got problems?
Derscribe what is happening .Advise me what equipment you are using and hopefully we can help.
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