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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Onemytis Air Plasma Surgical unit heralds New Dawn for Veterinary Practitioners

Onemytis Air Plasma Surgical Units are set to revolutionise Veterinary Surgery.

Basic explanation of the Technology:
Airplasma® is based on a simple idea: transforming air into an ideal conductor through the generation of high-voltage pulses using a high frequency sinusoidal oscillator.
 The energy flow,with a mean dissipation temperature of 50°C, allows immediate tissue vaporisation, which ensures capillary haemostasis  in a precise and controlled fashion with minimum  tissue trauma .
A substantial difference compared to conventional electrosurgery, which alternates or combines cutting mode (with temperatures of over 100°C) and fulguration, with voltage peaks of 5,000 volts. 
In addition, 
Airplasma®completely does away with the need to use external inert gas sources (argon or helium)
and closed circuits with return plates, such as those used in APC technology, thereby avoiding
the involvement of sensitive organs and the generation of heat inside the patient’s body.

Onemytis in Action.

There are many Youtube videos available describing  Onemytis surgical procedures  but I think the more compelling images are available on the following facebook page.

Precision,speed and opsite cleanliness enable the surgeon to operate in a much improved environment while at the same time reducing patient trauma and  recovery time.

Contact the following if you would like to promote"The Cleancut" image for your practise and we will arrange demonstrations and training.


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