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Sunday, 8 December 2013

Frosty response from Veterinarians gets warm reception from clients.

Cryotherapy is long recognised as an immensely effective treatment for many epidermal skin lesions.
Neoplastic and benign cutaneous lesions are commonly found in small animals. With the use of laser or electro-surgery the animal has to be sedated  but as cryosurgery is generally recognised as pain free it  allows the surgeon to treat painlessly without sedation or anaesthesia. The reduced need for general anesthesia in older animals, commonly affected with these lesions, certainly is a beneficial choice for both patient and Vet. Being able to perform procedures on unanesthesized animals with the CryoProbe is a big plus, because owners are un-concerned about sedation.
Lower treatment cost is a benefit for the client by avoiding pre-anesthetic workup or anesthesia to add to the procedure price. Most lesions can be treated rapidly on an outpatient basis.It is most commonly used on small lesions but can be used to treat larger growths such as equine sarcoids etc.

Here's how the CryoProbe instruments can benefit you
The CryoProbe's accuracy (to the millimeter) is achieved by pointing the micro-fine jet of cryogen directly towards the lesion. Only minor discomfort is experienced because treatment of healthy tissue is easily avoided. As a result, your patients will now allow you to treat them longer, allowing for deeper freezing and thus a more effective treatment. Time consuming repeat visits will be reduced dramatically.

Cryopen has major advantages over all canister Cryotherapy systems.

greater freezing power at -89°C. Canister type alternatives are only -55°C
n facilitates speed of freezing essential for effective treatment 
n high pressure cryogen jet for deeper penetration 
n innovative concept for easy integration in daily practice 
n only lesions are treated regardless of shape or size

Click the following link for video demonstration

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